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JNS Learning Systems (JNS) is an education company that helps educators select, and implement, digital learning solutions for students in grades K-12, and adult.

Our belief is that every student can be successful when supported by strategies that leverage appropriate instructional technologies.

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About us

Established by Joseph Small in 2014, JNS Learning Systems is an independent education consultant specializing in providing “best in class” digital instructional and training solutions to students and administrators in PreK-12 schools, and higher education.

JNS Learning Systems is comprised of industry veterans with experience in education publishing and online learning systems implementations. We leverage an extensive network of educational resources and experts in the field enabling us to help schools achieve their desired goals.

Our ability to engage seasoned education professionals, access to emerging instructional technologies, and knowledge of “what works” for today’s student makes JNS a unique and innovative leader in educational solutions consulting.

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What we do

Our Offerings

The firm provides services in the following areas:

Early Learning Platforms PreK-3

21st Century Digital Learning Skills for Grades K-12

Career and Technical Education (CTE) for Grades 9-12

Parent Involvement Campaigns

Data Security and Privacy Awareness Training for Administrators

Early Learning Programs

Early learning programs that use computers to help children to read.

  • Interactive digital learning experiences linking school and home
  • eBooks on digital devices

21st Century Learning Skills

Preparing Students for New Standards, Assessments, and the Workforce

Utilizing Digital Content
  • Use an effective way to find and organize digital content in order to meet the needs of their students in grades K-12.
Incorporating Project Based Learning
  • Use a project-based learning approach to help students as an effective instructional strategy to develop 21st century skills.
Implementing BYOD/1:1 Initiatives
  • Students need to develop 21st century skills necessary to use digital devices for research, collaboration, and communication.
  • Educators want content capable of running on multiple digital devices.
Addressing Online Safety and Digital Citizenship
  • As internet access and digital devices increases in the schools, educators want to ensure that students know how to stay safe and make good choices online.
  • School districts receiving e-Rate funding also need an easy way to show compliance on online safety and cyber bullying instruction.

Career and Technical Education

  • Finding unique and industry-aligned Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathways for today’s students is an ongoing challenge, here’s a unique curriculum from Usher’s New Look Foundation and Beanstalk Innovations that addresses that need.
  • Music Industry Leadership 101 is a cutting-edge blended-learning curriculum that provides students an educational experience that helps to create an interest in business, and the music and film industry.
  • The curriculum comprises 180+ days of blended learning and is aligned to state standards, Common Core; PARCC; and Smarter Balance.

Parent Involvement Campaigns

  • Be There is a research-based, multimedia campaign that inspires families to become more involved in their children’s education.
  • Be There is not a program or curriculum, but is a national media campaign that goes local.
  • Highly professional and motivational materials localized to your specifications.

Data Security Awareness Training


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