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The Digital Education Promise

Digital education promises that the integral use of digital technologies will transform instructional outcomes to include self-expression, critical thinking, as well as personalized and collaborative learning.

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The Millennium Commitment

The Millennium Technology Group is committed to serving as a catalyst for learning organizations determined to realize the promise that digital technologies present to the science and art of teaching.

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Our Holistic Approach

Through the unification of school leadership, instruction, and technology and the collaborative efforts of our two cohesive solution services, we holistically address your challenges as you embrace the future of education.

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Corporate & Government

We support corporate and government customers in three specific ways: Mobile Device Management (MDM), Installation and Deployment Services (IDS) and Strategic Staff Solutions (SSS)

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About us


Millennium Technology Group LLC has a proud record of excellence as a provider professional IT services and creative service and support models to both the public and private sectors. With each deployment, we ensure equipment is delivered to the customer’s specifications, solutions are installed with care and that support is prompt and precise. With both Microsoft and Apple expertise, Millennium provides personal attention combined with tailored solutions and enterprise-level service.

Millennium’s unique approach business is exemplified by our Technology Conciergephilosophy. This mindset helps every corporate representative not only focus on the basic need to perform superior service, but also to focus on proactively understanding customer’s needs and addressing them successfully.

We never view ourselves as a vendor to our customers. We view ourselves as their partners, working together to achieve customer-defined goals, regardless of how long or short an engagement may be.


Our mission

The fundamental purpose of DESLA is to dramatically impact the culture of teaching and learning in the digital/mobile education environment. It is, at its root, a change management effort performed through the implementation of a proprietary Framework designed to drive a systematic and measureable change through to success. It is a combination programs and consultative services aimed at mitigating the inherent challenges that come with change.
The Education Technology Management Center presents a complete offering of technology services to education customers aligned with their classroom strategies. Regardless of where a district or school may be in the process of deploying a digital solution, the EMTC can layer in guidance and services to address their infrastructure needs.